Professional Development Workshops


Teaching Technology: A Framework for Demonstrating New Software to Students

techforlearningYou’ve taken the time to learn [insert new technology here] and you are ready for your classes to start using it.  It will be amazing!  They will be engaged and excited, ready to demonstrate their learning using [insert new technology here]!  But wait…your students don’t quite know how to use [insert new technology here].  Half the battle of initiating technology as a tool in your classroom is the process of teaching students to properly utilize it—whether its an iPad App or a web-based blog program—most students require instruction before the magic of [insert new technology here] can happen.  This workshop will give teachers tips and tricks on lab tutorials and in-class demonstrations that utilize technology, with practical suggestions to successfully teach students to use new technologies.

Have you ever been excited about teaching with a new technology, then realized your students need to learn how to use before using it to learn? This session will focus specifically on teaching students to use technology, with tips and tricks to help you design tutorials that lead to successful skill building.

Key questions:

1. What are some assumptions we have about students and technology?

2. How do we address the disconnect between technology as a learning tool and technology as a “toy?”

3. What are the differences between teaching technology and teaching with technology?

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Digital Projects: Tools for Classroom Learning

digitalDigital projects are an excellent way for students to showcase their learning, no matter what subject area is being considered.

Why digital projects?

  • Moving to publish digital projects online, either via a classroom blog or on the school website is often a motivating factor for students to aim higher and further with their projects.
  • Digital projects usually end up being digital presentations—this can take a lot of pressure off of students who dislike presenting in person.
  • Find ways to promote your projects, either to another class or to another school.

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WordPress for the Classroom

Ready to take your classroom online?  Come learn step-by-step the process of setting up a teacher website using WordPress!  This amazing online software is easy to use and customize.  From step one to daily usage, this workshop will make sure you leave comfortable and ready to start your online journey.

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WordPress for Administrators: Getting Your School Online

Would you like to have a website for your school that is dynamic, visual and exciting? A website that you (Not just your in-house tech guru!) can easily update with blog posts, news, pictures and events? How about a website that more than one person can contribute to?
logo (1)This workshop series results in a website for your school—from domain registration to everyday updating—so that you may provide an online presence for your school.

Using WordPress and GoDaddy, this 7-session workshop will set up your personalized domain (, and a dynamic blog-style website, with subpages, pictures and information. You will learn how to create an online presence that engages parents, students and community members, through pictures, writing and social media. From simple to complex, WordPress websites are highly usable, and highly customizable—not to mention, easy to use!

Example WordPress school website:

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