Welcome to ‘The Sequel to Education.’

As you may–or may not–know, education is rapidly changing.  Students are different, classrooms are expanding and technology is increasingly prevalent.  Learning; however is more important than ever.  Basic skills remain important, from literacy to numeracy; but we need to consider other skills too: digital citizenry, critical thinking, problem solving, inference and beyond.  Students might have access to every fact known to man in the palm of their hands, but to sift through that information to actually learn is another story.  What does that mean? Teaching is more important than ever!

Michelle Allen is a technology and careers teacher in Langley, B.C. who in interested in the next movement of education!  From technology to modern learning, this blog looks at big and small issues in education today, technology tips for the classroom, global perspectives and Canadian education.

About Me:

I love all things Disney, eating pizza and hanging out with my dog, Muppet and wonderful husband and two adorable kids.